May 31 2012
The new site has officially been launched! I hope you all enjoy exploring the layout and seeing some of the new paintings I've been working on in the studio. Also, check out the "blog" link here or above in the navigation menu. I'll be posting entries about artwork and random things that I'm up to.

May 22 2012
The Prodigal painting has come down from display at the Chapel of the Resurrection, BUT the painting "Clara in White Shirt" is still on display at the Brauer Museum of Art for a few months. Thank you to everyone who came out to hear the talk I did on the Prodigal painting during morning prayer at the Chapel. The text of the prayer I read during the talk can be found on the "Prodigal" page below.

May 9 2012
I currently have my Painting "Self-Portrait as Prodigal" hanging in the beautiful Chapel of the Resurrection on the campus of Valparaiso University. Also, another painting of mine, "Clara in White Shirt", is on display at the Brauer Museum of Art just a minute walk northeast of the Chapel in the Center for the Arts Building. Any painter would always recommend seeing their work in-person rather than on a computer screen. So, if you can, check these paintings out while they are physically on display.